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Friday, January 19, 2007

had dinner with 3/7 of the loggies(siew, shirle and qian) after the NP open house. spent quite some time waiting in the end, and only settled down for dinner at one of the coffeeshops along the bukit timah stretch(where there are loads of food houses/coffee shops/etc). had curry fishhead, with other side dishes and rice. i think the curry fishhead is pretty good, but i couldnt eat too much of the gravy because i have quite an amount of phlegm stuck somewhere in me. is it the throat area? the nose area? i didn't take bio in sec 3 and 4, and i have already forgotten my bio stuff in the lower sec years. :D

overall the food was nice, and i find it not very expensive, having eaten to our hearts' content(and almost exloding at that). took 184 and siew alighted halfway to change to another bus. the rest of us went to bp plaza starbucks and i bought a tall hot chocolate, it tastes just like milo and i drank very little of it. in the end, i brought it home to share with my mum and sis. still prefer the chocolate cream chip. ;)

i still can't wait for school to start!

i miss the speculators(cherrie's missing from the picture)! :( when will the nxt speculators outing be? we can only speculate. lol~

(SHIANe,1:03 AM)

Thursday, January 18, 2007

sitting at one of the tables at atrium @ NP. omg, there is this percussion troupe(or whatever it is) playing some really loud percussive stuff and im almost going perkat! PERKAAAT LA! so damn loud, i wont be surprised if ppl standing around that troupe, or even the ppl making the noise becomes deaf.

hui yi just left and now i am waiting for siew fong, or whoever is available later to go for dinner together. alright, the performance just ended and they are starting with another one. this is getting on my eardrums! :( oh well, i think i will like NP, but must wait till i join the school officially and i get friends and classmates and cca mates. i feel really lost in the school without any friends to accompany me, so i dont dare to wander around. the open house should be considered successful since there are really a lot of people milling around, but i have no idea whether it's the NP students or the sec sch students. most of the peeps are dressed in their sec sch uniform la. (*my eardrumssssss*)

actually i have got nothing to do so im writing this entry. totally boliao can, and there is hardly anyone online i can chat with. even the remaining person whom i feel more comfortable to chat with has just signed out because she wants to watch cartoons, and that person is MERCY! arrrrrgh. watch what cartoon sia mercy! so old still watch cartoon! i also got watch la, but when ppl chat with me i will still reply! :( blehhhhh.

oh well.. i will try to find an alternative entertainment source.

(SHIANe,5:18 PM)

fuck la, i have no idea why i'm feeing so irritable lately. probably because the people ard me are irritating? my brother and mother are arguing every single night, and just at the time when i return home from a tiring day of work. haven't been sleeping well lately these past couple of days, and it's really weird if i can wake up once my handphone alarm sounds because that is totally not me. no idea what's wrong, but it'll be good if there is medication for me to sleep well. i can't afford to have insufficient sleep, cos one thing i hate is to have LACK OF SLEEP!! :(

anyway, i have been on some kind of hunger strike the past 2 days and i have lost 2kg since! that's like fast! but it's having a toll on me, i get dizzy easily and can't really concentrate(especially during gourmet class just now, there was food demonstration! *drools*) alright alright, i finally ate some tuna pita just now cos i really couldnt take the hunger anymore~ :P yeah, if i could just practise more self-control, i'm on my way to losing more weight! gahahahhahaa. jogging tmr night~ since my muscleache from the last jog has subsided, and im not working the day after. o_O

ngee ann open house later~ :D

(SHIANe,12:30 AM)

Monday, January 15, 2007

sitting at starbucks drinking a venti chocolate cream chip frappucino~~~ heavenly taste, but a guilty indulgence. :D but, what's spoiling the atmosphere is my brother who is sitting beside me right now and ogling at little sec school girls walking by. -_-"

that's my arm there by the way. :D chocolate cream chip frap is so damn nice, anyone/everyone! u just gotta try it~ :D grande: $7, venti: $7.50, tall: $6.50 i think. alright! later i still gotta go for work :( but oh well, it's just a short day today. JIAYOU JIAYOU~~

(SHIANe,2:33 PM)

got pretty long working hours for next week's schedule. im getting quite sick and tired of work actually, if not for the pay, i would have given up working a long time ago and i would rather slack at home and rot, or go out shopping...

my schedule for the week is as follows:
monday: 6pm - 11.30pm
tuesday: 4pm - 11.30pm
wednesday: 6pm - 10pm (gourmet class)
saturday: 5pm - 1am

arrrrrgh! i really dislike working for long hours at the outlet! i would really prefer working short hours every day instead of long hours over a few days. :( wow, i think saturday would be the most unbearable! but i would bear through it, no worries! i just hope i wont have to do any gourmet while at work, im still QUITE clueless when it comes to gourmet. :D i really am looking forward to the starting of school, and i know i have said this since the last entry~ but i just want to say it. im going to come back when school starts and regret ever saying this, but who cares. :P

anyway! 2 of my stuffed toys are here to say HI~ they are always getting kicked off the bed by me each night when im asleep, but they do not mind! see, they are still happily smiling. this tells us that we should forgive and forget~

turtle really looks like it's waving while the bear seems a bit unhappy eh. turtle's given to me by joanna on my bday while i got the bear from Famous Amos at Genting's First World Hotel. there're still others not yet introduced, maybe nxt time. :)

alright then, im off. toodlelooooo~ lol.

(SHIANe,12:25 AM)

Sunday, January 14, 2007

is the aching bug here to look for me?! the sole of my right feet aches everytime i try to walk, my head is aching.. just dont feel right at all! in the end, it all boils down to an irritable me. anyway, i suddenly miss school so much, but not AJ for heaven's sake. i just miss studying, miss going to school and not worrying bout committing mistakes at work, basically, going to school is better than going to work in my case. after suffering from a life that is almost totally dominated by work, i feel suffocated and i feel aimless. i get paranoid thinking whether i would miss out school for the rest of my life, because currently, i just feel that school is so out of reach.

realized that i wrote a really "feeling" entry today, literally. almost all my sentences are filled with "i feel..."! anyway, i think im just tired la! this entry is unlike my usual entries~ to speak the truth, i live life because there is always something to look forward to. the simple things that im looking forward to at this period in time got to be the off-days, outings with friends and the day when i can finally apply for poly. the cycle repeats, after i apply for poly i would look forward to the day when i get my posting and such. i live for the future, and if there is nothing for me to look forward to anymore, i dont think there is any worth in living. :D

alright alright, a long enough entry. shall not try uploading pictures, blogger may not want to cooperate with me yet. :P

(SHIANe,1:06 AM)

Friday, January 12, 2007

i cant upload any pictures at the moment and it is pissing me off. blogger keeps giving me problems! blahhhhhhhhhhh. WTF.

there is still work and i gotta memorize allt he EB things, and the gourmet things that have already been taught to me. big headache.

(SHIANe,10:28 PM)

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

ahh been a couple of days since i last logged in here and updated an entry. actually i had intended to do so, but i just couldnt log in for some unknown reason. maybe blogger doesnt like me or what! :P

these past few days, i had been busy with either this or that, all i can rmb is me being busy with work. i cannot recall what i did over the weekend last week, blame it on my short-term memory.. but oh well, guess i will just update for today!~

today i worked morning shift starting at 9am and ending at 4pm. vanessa came over to meet me at the outlet so that we can go down to HQ together for training after dinner. in the end, we had dinner at mac's BUT we left after just a short while because she saw her friends and wanted to avoid them just in case they come into mac's. we left by the side-door and walked 1 big round when we could have just left by mac's main entrance! :x a funny incident happened when we were at mac's~ today i had forgotten to bring my wallet, and i forgot all about it. when i reached mac's, i started looking for my wallet and i thought i had lost it! in the end, i made vanessa and myself worry for nothing, cos i really made quite a fuss searching through my bag and all. wth man, blame it on my short-term memory again.

suay day today. choked on a fry when talking to vanessa, and i tried to unchoke myself by drinking my bubbletea, instead i choked on the pearl. -.-" a cleaner uncle sitting on the top of the stairs saw me choking and laughed. wtf. if i die there i would haunt him i swear. ok then. training wasnt bad, had a quiz after that which was quite ok. learnt so much bout tea today~~

tmr there is still gourmet training. bleh bleh.

(SHIANe,11:14 PM)

Saturday, January 06, 2007

yesterday i slept at around 2am in the morning, and had to wake up before 8am! i had to drag myself out the bed because i am lacking sleep, the night before i tossed and turned in bed till i almost went nuts. my nose was stuffed and i could hardly breathe. it's been like that for 3 days? or was it 4? i have already lost count, lack of sleep mah.

tmr there is still customer service class and World of Tea class combined together, so it will last from 10am to 5.30pm. how the hell can i last tmr?! i think it's going to be so boring tmr, i will die halfway through class.

looking forward to the end of tmr and checking out my schedule for nxt week! gahahahhaaa. i am very the tired!

(SHIANe,11:28 PM)

finally put our birthday surprise plans to action, and presented the scrapbooks that we had spent so many meetings making. in the end, we finished up the scrapbooks in the NP library because many things were still left undone. the "we" refers to huiying, siew and me! we met up at bp interchange and headed down to NP. spent quite some time there, and walked to bukit timah plaza to buy 6 slices of cakes(we didnt want that initially, but we couldnt find whole cakes there! :( )

only know that we exercised a lot by climbing up stairs of overhead bridges, slopes at NP and plain walking around. sat around for a couple of hours at NP canteen one surfing the net, talking, eating, drinking. lol~ but still glad to know that the surprise was quite a success! :)

tmr still have to go for dunno-what class. FISH? or is it customer service? alright, whatever! some class correct already. probably meeting huiying and siew tmr, but still not decided where they are going yet. hoping to hear from them soon, because i don't think i want to go home too early tmr. :D

(SHIANe,12:00 AM)